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When Fish Fly

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When Fish Fly : Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace – From the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market- A Book Review


The world of commerce today is more likely specializing on how to deal with people force since it is considered the lifeblood of any company Although technology has already taken over the major part of world industries , people working for the company are still the most valuable source of force of any organization

And since this is the case , many for business interests venture to s on [banner_entry_middle]

dealing with the people inside the workplace . The employee relationship and the camaraderie that exists between them is the most popular issue today on many books on business . This is why the authors of the book When Fish Fly ‘ has come up with a concerning the energized workplace and the effects of having good employee relations within a company aiming to help other business ventures to achieve the highest success they could to make their company profitable and worker-friendly

About the Authors

The author of this book is highly reliable when it comes to dealing with people in the work place . As it is known , he is the owner of the world ‘s famous business depicted in the best selling parable FISH

The Pike Place Market in Seattle is a true world-renowned business that showcases different fish varieties for consumers . But behind all this is the hard work and the camaraderie between people working there which is written in the book When Fish Fly

HYPERLINK /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-author-exact John 20Yo koyama rank -relevance 2C 2Bavailability 2C-daterank /274538 ” John Yokoyama and HYPERLINK /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-author-exact Joseph 20 Michelli rank -relevance 2C 2Bavailability 2C-daterank /2745 38 ” Joseph Michelli both wrote this book aiming to show how an energized workplace helps in making a certain company reach its peak to be able to become successful

Joseph Michelli on the other hand is a psychologist who specializes on dealing with human attitudes towards work or more known as the human resource

The book has been written basing from the words of a real businessman who was able to turn a small-scale business into a world giant in the business industry

As to what has been mentioned about the authors , practically , they are much capable and reliable in making or writing such kind of books since they are much reliable in this case as they have actually experienced the written articles and lessons found in the book


Unlike what others may expect of the book , this book doesn ‘t showcase a step by step process on what to do to attain success in business Instead it points out that a business owner could not be successful just by copying other ‘s ways of being so . Which means , every person who ventures to business must be able to learn how to deal with his people in a considerable way , giving them what they need and… [banner_entry_footer]

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