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why i want to be a nurse

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When asked my reason as to why I want to be a nurse , I find myself discussing more than one . This is because my answer has three facets : empathetic compassion for those who suffer , a fundamental desire to learn , and finally : job security . Each of these three driving reasons are in turn tied together by my dedication to the healthcare field and my unwavering drive to achieve goals

Individually , I believe that my personal empathy and compassion for those who suffer is the most central of my three reasons to being a [banner_entry_middle]

nurse . Since my earliest memories , I have felt magnetically drawn to people who are suffering . I recall the image of a man with terminal cancer in a dimly lit hospital room , as he lay in bed alone . I overheard the nurses telling another nurse that somebody should call his son to inform him of his father ‘s sudden turn for the worse . The other nurse replied that she had done so but the son wanted nothing to do with the dying man . This was said down low out of hearing range of the patient – but not me . I felt drawn to go stand by this man and let him know that he was not alone . The look of gratitude in his eyes as he weakly whispered to me `thanks , was the first compelling I had in considering a career in health care

Regardless of their age , sex , or race , I feel a strong desire to help comfort , and to the best of my ability , help heal those who are made vulnerable and weak by illness or injury . There is a type of universal truth that is revealed in human nature through suffering . Many of the social issues that plague people and society are left at the hospital door . Those who suffer arrive in a vulnerable state , stripped of many superficial facades and stresses that are so much who they are out of the hospital . They arrive need of professionals who are compassionate as well as skilled . In the words of physician /author Ronald Dworkin , true caring depends on the caregiver ‘s possession of certain kindly feelings–feelings that no amount of schooling can evoke (23 However , formal schooling , as well as ongoing extracurricular studies are also central to nursing and another facet of my reason for being a nurse

Genuine compassion alone , without skill and knowledge , is not enough to make an effective nurse . So it has been , that . since the era of Florence Nightingale , nursing has stood on two pillars – virtue and good science (Dworkin 23 . Up to recent times , times nurses acting as physician ‘s attendants , or in settings where they acted on their own accord , required knowledge of plants , roots , herbs , human anatomy , and a founded working knowledge of human nature . Modern nurses need to know much of the same knowledge as their predecessors and so much more . To help facilitate this , the nursing curriculum demands that students dedicate themselves to nothing short… [banner_entry_footer]

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