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Wilhelm Loehe, About the Lutheran Church

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Of the great men in the Lutheran faith , there is one who was said to have pioneered the deaconess movement in the Church and was most active in his missionary work . This man is someone from whom we could learn great lessons . Not only were his lectures and sermons a great crowd drawer and his writings inspiring , his life was also an example of great virtue and amazing determination . Not to mention his dedication to the Lord and his zeal for the spreading of his faith . He was even a founding sponsor of [banner_entry_middle]

the HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lutheran_Church_-_Missouri_Synod ” \o “Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod ” Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Johann Konrad Wilhelm Loehe was born to a seemingly sad childhood on February 21 , 1808 , in the town of Fuerth in Germany . He received his basic education at C . L . Roth ‘s gymnasium . Pastor Loehe was later admitted to the University of Erlangen in HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /1826 ” \o “1826 ” 1826 to study theology where he graduated in 1830 . Under David Hollaz he was introduced to the Lutheran Confessions and eventually he became Lutheran . After graduation , he had to wait for a year for an assignment to Kirchenlamitz in Fuerth . ADDIN EN .CITE WikipediaWikipediaJohann Konrad Wilhelm Ltzhe2006http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Johann_Konrad_Wilhelm_L C3 B6he Writ ings02 :37 , 15 September 2006 (Wikipedia

Although his work was a troubled one and he died a frustrated man Pastor Loehe ‘s theology and ministry exhibits many themes . These include (1 ) community and fellowship (2 ) catholicity and unity , and (3 ) apostolicity . There are many more , but these are some of the more important ones

Of community and fellowship , Pastor Loehe wrote

A landscape painted with the most bewitching brush of a master artist leaves us unsatisfied no matter how beautiful it is , if there is no human form in it . For those who are lonely all the treasures of the world are no substitute for companionship . Narrower than a prison is the wide earth to those who are abandoned and lonely . From the very beginning humans were so created that they cannot be happy alone ADDIN EN .CITE Ratke20061 112David C RatkeThe church in motion : Wilhelm Loehe , mission , and the church today2006http /findarticles .com /p /articles /mi_m0MDO /is_2_33 /ai_n pg_1 (Ratke

Pastor Loehe understands the need of humans for companionship . This is why he was an eager advocate of the missionary work in America his attention caught by another pastor ‘s plea from the American frontier This is what drove him in his ministry in Neuendettelsau and his missionary work . He understood the basic need of man for companionship and fellowship

Catholicity is another theme in his ministry . For him , this is in connectioon with his doctrine of fellowship . After all , people of diverse pasts form fellowships to escape loneliness and abandonment and Christians , who are members already gathered to proclaim Jesus who overcomes abandonment . Thus it is only natural for churches to seek further fellowship with the resr of the churches… [banner_entry_footer]

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