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Women in Law Enforcement

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Different Aspects of Women in Law Enforcement

Every girl has her own ambition when she grows up , and their parents has a big influence on whom they will become when they get older , and to what extent they can contribute to the society . Girls will be asked what do you want you grow up ‘ and they would gleefully reply doctor ‘ A beauty queen ‘ and a flight stewardess ‘ they seem to associate women jobs with the feminine side as to what the society dictates a woman should be

It would be a different [banner_entry_middle]

sight for us to see a policewoman doing tough job , a masculine work , especially years ago when they were not accepted in law enforcement , and women partake against criminals are considered taboo . But who will determine who the right gender for an occupation is ?Women began to enter police work in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in reaction to the increase in social problems involving women and girls . Problems that were beyond the interest or ability of men to deal with like some fundamental changes in urban life mostly the effect of immigration and industrialization , that greatly increased the number of females among the homeless , the poor , and the unemployed . During the 19th century where the there were an increase in the arrest and imprisonment rates of women and girls for prostitution disly conduct , drunkenness , and vagrancy . As

the incidence of crime by females increased , police department felt that they have to do something drastic in to prevent such crimes , and they saw that a womanly presence in the police station will help these fallen females regain respectable places in their homes and communities During the 1960 ‘s , a police department supported the prevention /protection theory . They hired women specifically their most important function was to prevent women and children from becoming victims of crime . Their program was to focus on women and children , and they function in a different women ‘s bureau within the police department

They obtained their positions as policewomen and were accepted by police departments and communities because of their stated theory and focus also because they carried out their duties effectively

Alice Wells who wrote the theory of policewomen started it all . The success of the program was the start of a nationwide movement to hire policewomen in all police departments . Wells , an advocate of this program has spoken to many police departments all over country urging the hiring of policewomen . Although not all police departments observed her urgent request , the role of women in criminal justice began

Women Behind Criminal Justice

By the mid-1970 ‘s when women began to apply for cadet and reserve officer positions . Most of the police departments were hesitant to hire young women , and if hired they would not be allowed to the streets and experience what a real police work is . They rarely allowed to do anything but clerical tasks . Even if they were limited to certain roles these women were not discouraged to… [banner_entry_footer]

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