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Women`s Liberation

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The sexual revolution and the women ‘s liberation movement , which effected a change in sexual morality and sexual behavior throughout the western world , has had significant and permanent effects on American society

There were changes in relationships between men and women , inspired particularly by the women ‘s liberation movements . There were reforms in the legal and medical regulation of sexuality Also , the presence of women in the public realm , such as in politics , became more pronounced

Another effect of the sexual revolution is the relaxation of censorship laws in many states [banner_entry_middle]

. Sexuality through pornography and other forms of sexually suggestive media became increasingly distributed and commercialized . A culture of free love ‘ also emerged , in which love and sex were encouraged as beautiful and powerful aspects of normal life . By the 1970 ‘s many colleges allowed co-educational housing

The women ‘s liberation movement has probably had the most significant of the radical movements that occurred after World War 2 . As a result of the movement , women became more active in politics – from 1975 to 1988 the number of women elected to state legislatures doubled from 604 to 1261 . Also , the rights of women to equal work and pay have also become part of the status quo , and sex-segregation in industry became virtually xistent . The number of women in graduate schools and in professional occupations also rose significantly

The movement ‘s stance on abortion was that it should be a right of women , as it is vital to a woman ‘s self-determination . Because of the movement , the law ‘s stance on abortion also changed , and abortion was decriminalized and legalized in some states . Laws on rape have also changed because of the efforts of the women ‘s liberation movement . For example , most courts now do not consider evidence regarding a woman ‘s past sexual history . Proof of resistance and corroboration by a witness is also no longer required

Also , the movement ‘s view of the nuclear family as encouraging discriminatory attitudes has helped remove much of the stigma to single parents , and was also encouraged homosexuals to live outside the closet . The culture ‘s attitude towards gender also went through an overhaul , and has resulted in much less constricting attitudes towards sexuality… [banner_entry_footer]

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