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Women`s Rights

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Women ‘s Rights

Women ‘s rights throughout the world are meaningful confirmation of understanding global welfare . Over the years , the issue on women ‘s rights has gained positive praises immensely . A report from Women ‘s Rights International shows women ‘s rights have not been practiced in some countries as expected . In some areas , women ‘s rights would be expected more , however , guidelines are not changed thereby discouraging the rights of women (Antrobus 2004 . In some patriarchal societies religion or convention can be used as a stumbling block for equal rights . In [banner_entry_middle]

Bangladesh for instance , the Bangladesh government sought to cover behind laws to reject women equal rights . In Pakistan , meanwhile honor killings intended for women have been made for the smallest of reasons . There are various categories of problems around the globe which confront women , from the richest to the poorest countries . There is also the so-called feminization of poverty showing that women are generally the ones who experience the most poverty . Poverty , trade and economic issues are very much related to women ‘s rights issues because of the impacts they represent . Confronting these issues as well also facilitates to tackle women ‘s rights issues (Anup 2004

Nellie McClung

Nellie McClung was one of the most influential leaders of Canada ‘s feminism . She is best remembered for her participation in the renowned “Person ‘s Case ” which was instrumental in making Canadian women declared persons in 1929 (Anup 2004 . The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1928 that when the British North America Act or the Canada constitution was written , the term “person ” was not intended to include women , but only men . As a young woman , McClung was actively involved in social reform and was part of the Women ‘s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU (Todres 2004 . This group was particularly concerned with the social and health problems brought by alcohol and essentially spearheaded the crusade for women ‘s right to vote in many parts of the country . McClung remained active in the WCTU but she also joined the Winnipeg Political Equality League , a group entrusted to assisting the female wage earners of the city , and the Canadian Women ‘s Press Club (Shreir , Sally and Harper , F John , 1988 . She participated actively in the demonstration on the formidable working conditions many women faced . Together with fellow reformers , McClung put up “The Women ‘s Partliament ” which was a satire meant to resist Premier Roblin who strongly fought against giving women the right to vote . Later , women in Alberta , Saskatchewan and British Columbia successfully achieved the right to vote in provincial elections (McGowan 1999 . In 1914 , she joined the Edmonton Equal Franchise League which battled for women ‘s rights , prohibition and factory safety legislation . In 1921 , McClung was elected as a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta where she called for mother ‘s allowances , public health nursing , free medical and dental care for children , liberalized birth control , divorce laws , and better property rights for married women . McClung will be best remembered as… [banner_entry_footer]

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