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The 78th Annual Oscar Awards on the 5th of March , 2006 , was more of a gay gathering than usual with the assembling of a large number of homosexuals , as their favourite movie Broke Back Mountain ‘ had been nominated for the Oscar Awards . This movie depicts the enduring love affair between two cowboys and Ang Lee , the director of the film made a masterpiece of a movie that not only handles the seemingly impossible feat of mainstreaming a gay romance , but is also devoid of soppy sentimentality

This movie is a screen adaptation [banner_entry_middle]

of a Pulitzer Prize-winning short story by HYPERLINK “http /www .rainbownetwork .com /Culture /detail .asp ?iData 10043 iChannel 1 5 nChannel Culture ” Annie Proulx . This story is set in the 1960s and spans a two decade relationship between Ennis Del Mar played by HYPERLINK “http /www .rainbownetwork .com /Fun /detail .asp ?iData 23753 iCat 71 iChann el 20 nChannel Fun ” Heath Ledger and Jack Twist played by HYPERLINK “http /www .rainbownetwork .com /Fun /detail .asp ?iData 24948 iCat 71 iChann el 20 nChannel Fun ” Jake Gyllenhaal . An initial friendship culminates in a homosexual relationship . At first they keep denying their attraction for each other by making statements like This is a one shot thing we got going on here (Ennis ) you know I ‘m not queer ‘ Me neither (Jack . However , they continue to indulge in this and one of them , Heath , returns to his fiancye , although the other , Jack , is reluctant to abandon the relationship

Ennis marries Alma played by Michelle Williams , has two daughters and embarks on a regular life and Jack eventually meets and marries a Texan cowgirl Lureen played by Anne Hathaway and has a son . After four years Ennis and Jack meet again and their reunion is and is accidentally witnessed by Ennis ‘s wife , who remains silent about the whole episode This begins their frequent respite from their heterosexual lives and they get together two or three times a year by retreating into the majestic mountains to live with each other . This continues for 16 years and their relationship remains unchanged , despite Ennis ‘s divorce from Alma

In the Western genre homoeroticism has always been predominant and the role of women within the genre has either been as harpies , whores or smokescreens who maintain the heterosexuality of its protagonists

The director could have without effort transformed the wives of these cowboys into disagreeable wives who would have taken their homosexual husbands to task for their unnatural ways , but the wives are depicted as fully rounded characters that would have shown heaven on earth to a heterosexual husband . This story concerns itself not only with the homosexual relationship between the men and the difficulties that this relation places them in but more importantly it focuses on the enormous strain and disappointment that their unfortunate wives have to put up with

The story is set in Wyoming , which has a culture of cowboys , and where cowboys and herders were considered to be the last bastion… [banner_entry_footer]

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