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women`s study

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Gender : Issues and Reflections

Women ‘s issues have always obsessed feminists all over the world . In the long history of humankind , the female species have always been considered as second-rate . For the longest time , the woman suffered from maltreatment , abuses and different kinds of torture . It is only recently that she has been slowly accepted as man ‘s partner in life Gender-related issues are all-encompassing . They do not only cover violence , torture , emotional distress and the like . Even the way women look at love and sex has been highly-studied . Because women have [banner_entry_middle]

long been relegated to the background , their self-esteem would often plummet Having very low self-esteem would then result to bad relationships with men

This is the subject of Bell Hooks ‘ Communion : The Female Search for Love . Hooks actually began her exploration of the meaning of love within the context of the American culture in the critically commended All About Love : New Visions . She then continued her quest in the bestselling Salvation : Black People and Love . Finally , Hooks culminates her everything in Communion : The Female Search for Love

In this work , Hooks challenged all women – especially those belonging to the thirty-something category — to have the courage to search for love (Hooks , 2002 . She intimated that that only through this heroic journey can women truly be free . Furthermore , Hooks answered all the questions about the place of love in a woman ‘s life . She explored how ideas about women , love and sex were changed by the feminist movement In other words , current perception of these things has been highly affected by women ‘s full participation in the workforce , and by the emerging culture of self-help (Hooks . This book also makes us feel comfortable about loving too much . However , more that this , the book likewise challenges women and their roles in contemporary society Admittedly , in spite of the radical steps already taken by the feminist movement , there is still so much space for women to love themselves , and the people around them without compromising their role in society

Hooks is alternately exasperating and provoking in this book . In spite of this , however , Communion guides the women and readers alike toward the path that leads to true fulfillment . This is because Hooks ‘ work exposes women ‘s hopes , fears , and longing without being pathetic . In fact , it seems to me that what Hooks really wanted to say is that women should not be afraid to love and being in love should not be considered a weakness . Hooks pointed out that women who cannot love can never really grow up (Hooks

As I said earlier , in Communion , Hooks specifically focused on the experiences of women over thirty . She shares collective wisdom , and bestows on the readers the lessons learned from experiences of these women who dared to love . Hooks did not promise that love will always be synonymous with happiness and joy , but for her , it is what life is all about . As a matter of fact , Hooks pointed out that the root… [banner_entry_footer]

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