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Workplace Technology

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In my workplace , an acute care hospital with 968 beds and a workforce of approximately 5 ,000 employees , technology is a huge part of the operations . As a matter of fact , technology has become necessary and fundamental not only in the usual day-to-day activities of the hospital like keeping patients ‘ medical records , doctors ‘ schedules , employees salaries and the like , but also as an added accommodation for patients who have special needs or requests

The operating systems used are Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional ) and [banner_entry_middle]

the Macintosh Operating System to avoid a sense of monopoly and hence providing a choice for the users , depending on which system they are more familiar with or which one better serves their needs . For example , Apple Macintosh is over IBM computers by some physicians for research purposes and further education in the medical field

The functionality of computers is extended from just being a set of relational databases because it can be maximized further to the benefit of both the hospital and the patients . Since all areas of the hospital are equipped with computers that have ready access to the Internet , the inter-connectivity is taken advantage of in many ways . Networks are established within the workplace to have an easier access to information in and out of the company . Cisco router is used for broad infrastructure and the Nortel network for remote access . For patient documentation from multi-disciplinary venues , the UNIX server and the Sunrise Clinical Manager are used . All patients and vendors have can have unlimited access to the Guest Wireless network through a code that can be obtained after signing up with the IT Department

Although previously used mostly in business establishments and big hotels , audio /video conferencing is also presently being provided by our hospital . In one instance , the daughter of one of our female patients was getting married in another state . Unfortunately , her mother was hospitalized and was therefore unable to attend the ceremony . Knowing that this was one occasion the mother would not want to miss , the system was set up in her room where she could view the wedding and hear what was going on . At the same time , the bride and groom could see and hear her . The patient even dressed up for the occasion while the hospital staff provided flowers and the hospital ‘s communication department took charge of the hook-up

Furthermore , the hospital has a secured website that allows virtual private remote access . The hospital employees can easily access a site to view their pays tubs . For the public , a site provides information on the hospital ‘s roster of doctors and their specializations , the types of health services available including outpatient services , and general information about the hospital

In addition to all these , the hospital has two (2 ) patient channels from which they could view chapel services or listen to soft music while viewing scenes that allows meditation , prayer or just plain mental relaxation . These are exclusively for… [banner_entry_footer]

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