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World politics

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1 . Indeed the UN is a mirror of world politics instead not an alternative to such because instead of actually putting peace and security ‘ as binding factors in human society , the United Nations have been the cause of many international conflicts . Most of these conflicts involve at least one member country and another that is not a member of the organization . For example , the conflict between the United States which is a prominent and major member of the United Nations and Iraq which is declared to be a hostile country . Certainly the United [banner_entry_middle]

Nation is just another mirror of world politics because instead of being able to control the conflict , it would seem that the organization has been in control of the United States . Thus , we can conclude that the United Nations may have been created simply to represent the great political forces of the world

Although admittedly , the United Nations has been able to help the needy in certain parts of the globe , it however has difficulty in proving itself as being free from political control from the major member countries of the organization . When it began function on October 24 1945 , no coherent strategy of peace was put in place ‘ as observed by Perez de Cuellar . He further adds , Peace will not bring the cessation of all conflict . It will only make conflicts manageable through means other than force or intimidation (Muravchik , 45 ) Thus , the only peace that the UN can achieve is control of violence

2 . These radical religious movements involved in politics share the same characteristics such as tending to view the existing government authority as corrupt and illegitimate because it is secular and not sufficiently rigorous in upholding religious authority or religiously sanctioning social and moral values . Moreover , these movements are universalists as they tend to see their views as part of the inheritance of everyone who is a believer . Thus , in certain cases , international boundaries are not recognized as barriers to the propagation of faith even if this means that they have to resort to violence

Furthermore , these movements subscribe to a particular set of behaviour and opinions that they believe political authority must reflect , promote and protect in all governmental and social activities . Simply said they believe that the government and all of its activities whether foreign or domestic must be in the hands of the same believers subject to their close scrutiny . And finally , these movements are militant as they are willing to use coercion to achieve the only true end that they believe in

3 . The Liberal International Economic (LIEO ) established at the end of World War II was designed to promote monetary stability and reduce barriers to the free flow of trade and capital . Its liberal policy transcends limited government intervention , economic nationalists ‘ advocating their states acts aggressively to promote national prosperity

The hegemonic stability theory is useful in as much as it is capable of enforcing and maintaining the rules of the system . Thus , by coercing or inducing… [banner_entry_footer]

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