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World politics

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World Politics

Unit 4


Why are many analysts predicting smoother diplomatic relations between

Canada and the United States

THERE is an old saying that goes something like this : It makes a difference whose ox is being gored ‘ The point of this saying is that the same event can look different to different people . It depends upon each one ‘s background and interest in the matter . It is usually easier for a person to be generous and unprejudiced about a problem as long as he [banner_entry_middle]

is not too closely involved . But what happens if the problem moves into his own backyard , as it were ? Then he may be prone to view it in a different light

Nations are like people in this respect , except that their attitudes affect millions of persons and the course of world history . As long as a problem does not touch a nation directly , it can be very noble and generous in its outlook . But as soon as the national interest is directly involved , it may quickly change its stance . So it is that two countries can take completely opposite views of the same problem or point of history . However , this does not mean that one (or both ) is deliberately lying , though that could be the case . Indeed , they may not even be aware that they are presenting almost interpretations of the same events

A look at a few historical situations will reveal that this is true . It will help readers to appreciate that misunderstandings between nations are almost unavoidable under today ‘s political systems . It also emphasizes how badly all mankind needs a better system of government

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The average citizen of the United States is aware of certain facts about Canada , the vast country that lies to his north . But his information may not go much beyond knowing that there are descendants of the British , French and Americans living there , that they see the northern lights , and that the Mounted Police `always get their man ‘ If he is old enough he may have heard about the Dionne quintuplets

One of such facts ‘ the average American assumes is that for the past two centuries Canadians as a whole have loved Americans . Indeed , he may feel that Canadians would no doubt have been willing to become a part of the United States if the British or Canadian governments would have permitted it

Beyond this knowledge , there are many other things that the US government doesn ‘t know about Canada . However , with the existing relationship within Canada and the US today , it is pretty obvious how the two countries have tried a lot in mending the shortcomings of both governments to each other . Through the International trade , there has been competition between the two , but amidst the economic struggling that happens in the International trade both countries try to connect the differences they have against each other

Politically , there are still some existing misunderstandings between Canada and the United States… [banner_entry_footer]

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