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World politics

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World Politics

World Politics

Unit – 9 – Question

Do you agree with the prediction that the epicenter of the War on Terrorism in the future is likely to be several countries in sub-Saharan Africa

I would agree with the findings in Messrs Lyman and Morrison ‘s article regarding sub-Saharan African countries possibly becoming the future center for terrorism . The demographic conditions , together with the political and economic unrest in the region , make it an ideal recruiting ground for organizations such as al Qaeda and Islamic extremism . In my opinion , such [banner_entry_middle]

a development will have serious consequences if it continues to be overlooked

The problem seems to stem from the fact that , although the international community has responded to the call for economic and other type of aid to underdeveloped countries , the majority of this effort has been concentrated on other areas of the world , such as Asia and the Indian continent . Whilst some aid has been delivered to Africa , it has been more in terms of financial handouts , rather than positive sustainable infrastructure and economic development aid . The effect of this is to only address a problem that attracts media attention , thus mobilizing public opinion , rather that working to address the key issues . This creates an attitude of resentment in communities who see themselves being used as a political pawn , to be assisted only spasmodically , and then because of major humanitarian disasters . They also see little being done to address the human rights abuses being inflicted by dictators such as Charles Taylor

Terrorists , such as the groups mentioned and others , feed on and incite this resentment . Most of them have the financial resources and flexibility to manipulate it into a positive force in their continuing campaign of violence against the West . Largely , these actions go unnoticed by nations such as the US , because they are concentrating their anti-terrorist activities in more high-pro areas of the world such as the Middle East . However , in my opinion , it is a mistake to disregard the impact an upsurge in sub-Saharan terrorism would have on international stability

The conditions of this area are ideally suited to terrorist factions This is largely because , as a result of the lack of infrastructure geographical terrain and remoteness and economic situation , it would be difficult to amass and successfully service a western military force in the region . To combat the development of this situation , it would therefore seem to make good political sense to address the problems in the area as a matter of Unit – 10 – Question

Why is the United Nations such a useful organization for dealing with global problems such as disease , poverty , global crime , and war

The United Nations has proved pivotal in a number of global projects and issues over the recent decades . The increase in its usefulness and role in global problems has become even more pronounced since the end of the cold War ‘ and the break-up of the old Soviet Union . In particular , it has provided a plausible alternative to a world dominated by the might of the United States as the one remaining superpower

The success of the UN in deploying multi-national forces for peacekeeping purposes to defuse conflicts and potential conflicts in many areas of the world is well documented . This has only been achievable because of the way it has worked successfully to make the organization non-political and respected globally . In military terms , it is now seen as a truly international organization rather than a front for any particular Western nation

Within the field of world health and dealing with poverty , the UN has been instrumental in mobilizing nations into action . Its skills in being able to coordinate efforts , fusing national self interests into one global reactionary force , has been instrumental in limiting the growth of poverty , disease and other health problems in several regions of the world . In this area , it has proved to be probably the most effective instrument for creating a truly international consensus with a sole aim of solving health and social issues wherever they occur

In terms of international crime , be that ethnic cleansing , genocide smuggling , and the proliferation of WMD ‘s the UN has also been effective , helping to bring to justice those who perpetrate such crimes as well as stepping in both with force and diplomatic persuasion to bring about acceptable solutions . Its role as mediator has often proved to be more fruitful than the political and military posturing of individual nations , as proved to be the case in the Balkans . One key area where the UN success is obvious is in the reduction in the spread of the development of nuclear weapons , where it was anticipated that had it not been for UN intervention , the number of countries with this ability would have been much greater than it is currently

Much of the credit for the UN achievement should be laid at the door of Kofi Annan . During his tenure , he has been instrumental in creating a balanced view and representation on the various UN committees and councils . Despite its location , the UN is no longer dominated by one or two powerful nations . Its pronouncements and demands are made with a much wider spread of international agreement today than possibly was the case in the past . This has had the effect of substantially improving its usefulness in international affairs .References

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