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World politics

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World Politics

World Politics

Question 1

Assume that you are a foreign policy adviser to the national leader of your country . You have just been informed that economic sanctions are being considered as a way to dissuade another country from repeating a disputed action in the future . What advice would you give if you were asked to describe the conditions under which economic sanctions most likely would achieve the goal of deterrence

In considering the use of the proposed economic sanctions it is necessary to understand how and under what [banner_entry_middle]

conditions to impose these to achieve our countries goal of deterrence . Historically economic sanctions have had little effect , apart from mollifying domestic citizens concerns , unless they have fulfilled certain conditions

We must ensure that the country against which we impose such sanctions is significantly smaller than ours and has conducts a reasonable amount of trade with us in for the impact to be effective . In addition we should satisfy ourselves that there would be little cost to ourselves resulting from this action . Finally , the deterrence purpose for the sanction must be contained within a concise and limited intention

With regard to the type of economic sanction to be imposed , I would advise that we seek to attach this to a financial format , as this is likely to have a more direct impact than trade sanctions . We have seen in the past how countries have been able to circumvent trade sanctions whereas a country with financial sanctions levied against it finds it far more difficult to replace those finances from other international resources

Question 2

The concept of balance of power is an ancient notion in the field of international relations . Throughout history many policy makers have sough to establish a balance of power to prevent disputes from escalating to wars . Explain how the balance of power is supposed to operate theoretically , and evaluate how effective it is in practice in preserving peace

In theory balance of power ‘ is a system that is supposed to maintain a political stability between international states and ensuring that no single nation has a significant hold over the other world nations . Historically an international balance of power has been difficult to achieve . The closest to it came in the four decades following World War II , when the U .S .A and Russia were considered to be two equivalent Superpowers . During this period of time this balance did have some effect towards the impact of preserving international peace albeit considered by many to be an uneasy peace

In retrospect , the effectiveness of the balance of the two superpowers can be seen more clearly . Since the dissolution of the Russian empire there has been a significant upsurge in unrest throughout the world . The imbalance of power that has followed , with the U .S .A . being now a dominant international force , has brought resentment from many nations globally . It is predicted by some that the rise of the European Union may redress the balance of power internationally… [banner_entry_footer]

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