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Write a critical analysis of ONE of the following cantos in Dante`s Inferno: I, II, II, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII, XV, XXVI, XXVIII, XXXIII, XXXIV

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The Wisdom of Canto I


Inferno is a part of the Divina Comedia Chronicles that had marked the literature of the Renaissance Era . The whole book describes how Dante with the assistance of Virgil goes through hell and meets different sinners . The well described punishments are intended to torment them forever . The Bolgias and Cantos that describe the Pits of Hell get graver and graver while Dante and Virgil descends lower . While Virgil speaks to some tormented souls , these souls speak of their life on Earth and the way they [banner_entry_middle]

committed sins to themselves , their neighbor and country . These sinners are bound in agony , pain and suffering without end . Analysis of Dante ‘s Inferno can be integrated in its historical allegorical and spiritual context

Inferno begins with Canto I that acts as a prelude or introduction to the whole book as a spiritual journey towards Hell , as a creative advocacy against the corruption of historical Europe and a spectacular map of Hell , all rolled into perfect poetry . The first line is almost a household phrase for literature scholars , Midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark , for the straightforward pathway had been lost ‘ This phrase instantly connects the readers to Dante , the author who uses the first person and describes himself as being lost midway in his life which basically gives the readers an idea of what age the traveller is at the time of writing . The first phrase lays down the form of adventure that the reader could expect from book which is specifically termed as a journey . In the allegorical context , the author uses a dark forest to visualize where the journey will start . In the spiritual context , a man midway his age , encounter conflicts in his life that makes him look for something better . The dark forest would symbolize as sins that men do leaving them utterly lost and left in the dark , needing light to guide him towards the path to transformation . The author clearly give the reader the idea that the journey is spiritual as the Canto I closes with the line , That I may see the portal of Saint Peter

And those thou makest so disconsolate

The term lost ‘ relates to a man ‘s confusion during his midlife but specifically for the author , his disorientation may be either spiritual , physical , psychological , moral and political stresses that will find explorations in the latter Cantos . This further enables the author to relate with his readers who , at the time of the book ‘s publication were at that same lost ‘ age

Historically , the three books of the Divina Comedia was written by Dante Alighieri from 1308 to 1321 , the year of his death . It was a turbulent time in Italy where much disputes socially and spiritually plagued society . The dark forest would also symbolize that time when Dante was exciled from Florence , the town he most loved , therefore finding the words , the pathway had been lost ‘ Dante as an icon… [banner_entry_footer]

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