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Written critique of print advertising technique of two print advertisements

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Advertising is a lucrative business offering high salaries to those whose creative geniuses prove to be successful in promoting products Doing this involves developing an enduring relationship between effectiveness and creativity . Effective advertising draws a consumer into the world of a product and ask that they become involved by buying it . Creativity distinguishes similar products and ultimately provides the impetus necessary for the consumer to purchase one brand over another

Several factors are important in developing this relationship . The image is key to engaging the senses of the [banner_entry_middle]

consumer . Certain products are sold on the basis of image along (Jewler and Drewniary , 2005 . The headline announces exactly what the product will do for the consumer It captures the attention of and lures the reader to the ad where they should finds some type of benefit (Jewler and Drewniary , 2005 . The body copy tells the story ‘ of the ad including any specific information that the consumer might need to know . The last point is the Call to Action . According to the American Research Group , The whole point of the story in advertising is to effectively deliver the desired call to action . If the audience does not clearly understand the desired call to action after seeing the ad , then there is no point in running the ad (Ten Rules , 2004 . The call to action (CTA ) lets the consumer know exactly what he or she needs to do in to take advantage of the benefits the product offers . These benefits vary , but are all appealing to the target audience

Advertisements that can achieve success in all of these areas will undoubtedly promote their products to the highest ranks of success Others will fall short and fail to hook otherwise interested consumers into trying the product . Only a solid connection between the customer and the product , presented appealingly through the advertisement , will create the need for the customer to act upon

COOPER BEER The Cooper Beer print advertisement is able to combine the necessary elements to appeal to its target audience . The image is of a beer tap with the Cooper logo and of the beer pouring smoothly into a Coopers glass . The condensation of water droplets on the tap suggests a coolness and refreshing aspect to the drink . In the background of the image is a slightly unfocused image of a comfortable neighborhood bar that is not terribly crowded or noisy . It represents a friendly homey place . At a table in the background , an attractive female is visible enjoying a Cooper ‘s beer and talking and laughing with an unseen partner

The headline reads Bloke Magnet ‘ This is obviously a take-off on the popular phrase of Chick Magnet ‘ that has become popular in the youth culture today . Audiences love word play , according to Jewler and Drewniary (2005 . This spin makes it acceptable for women to seek men instead of waiting for them to approach . The use of the word bloke relates to the origination of the beer – Australia , though it does… [banner_entry_footer]

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