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Yellow Earth

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Yellow Earth

According to the New York State Institute Yellow Earth has swiped away viewers of almost every nationality . The burst of Yellow Earth in the Chinese culture surpassed any film before made by any Japanese arena . It meant future hope for cinematographers like Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige which have enthralled cinemagoers with works like Red Sorghum and Farewell , My Concubine . As with other trailblazers , the Fifth Generation needed a breakthrough movie to bring them to the attention of viewers at home and abroad

This new era of filming color [banner_entry_middle]

and graphics for the viewers back in 1984 was a smashing hit for the Chinese community . It brought a new way of thinking for many up to now film makers which back in those days visualization in films was not an option . As of 1984 and after the making of Yellow Earth there was great propaganda for Chinese films specifically filmed and produced by Zhang and Chen who established themselves at the forefront of world cinema surpassing Japanese films because of their unique way and avenues to new ways of making film . This has made Chinese cinema since 1949 the state propaganda machine

Yellow Earth , which is set in 1939 , centers on the relationship between Gu Qing , a member of the Eighth Route Army , and a peasant family . Gu comes to the village to compile a collection of folk songs he meets the young Cuiqiao and her family . She is due to enter into an arranged marriage , which terrifies her . She is inspired by Gu ‘s stories of girls fighting in the army she asks him whether she can follow him back to Yanan

While she awaits his return , she is forced to marry her appointed groom She decides to try to join an army unit that is camping on the other side of the Yellow River

The relationship between the people who live and love this land , the party of soldiers and the land giving the film its title of Yellow Earth . This is a Maoist revolutionary thought . The people from china struggle against the hardships of the land as they have done throughout history

Yellow Earth ‘s message is not openly showing and pointing out the major problems which China has come across in the past and still does against the vast masses and it ‘s situations but it discusses and brings reality to the viewers concerning communism and it ‘s purpose for the people

Here to save the people ‘ as Cuiqao says placing her faith and her passion with the soldiers who believe in the same cause and contributes to her inspiration of making her land a better place to live

This is the first film to emerge from China and one of the most thrilling debut features of the ’80s catching the attention of the viewers , nationally and internationally . A Communist soldier visits a backward village in 1939 , and is billeted with a taciturn widower and his teenage daughter and son . The soldier ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]

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